Friday, March 21, 2003

BBC: Massive Air Raid Rocks Baghdad Looks like those B-52s have reached their target. Pity the poor souls who are underneath those bombers.
6:33:35 PM    

The BBC is streaming it's excellent and objective news coverage of the war. If you live in America, you just might find it a refreshing change from CNN or (God forbid you actually watch it) Fox News. It is worth a look even if you don't have a broadband connection.
4:42:27 PM    

BBC: Bombers take off from airbase. Those B-52s everyone's been searching for are now airborne.
2:32:57 PM    

This weblog is getting a fair amount of traffic from people putting the words Fairford and webcam into various search engines. As both Fairford and webcam appear in this blog in various places, it comes high up the results lists. Sorry everyone, but there is no webcam of the B-52s at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on If we hear of one, we'll let you know. Might be an idea for the USAF press boys, though. After all, they've been going out of their way to keep the bombers floodlit throughout the night, so that the BBC, CNN and others could show them still sitting on the runway, and thus not on their way to Iraq. All part of the psychological warfare, we reckon.
2:17:06 PM    

It's official: we have joined the wireless revolution. This post coming to you via an Airport Card-equipped iMac via an Airport Extreme base station. Looking forward to blogging from the garden when the weather turns nice.
12:22:40 AM